My Music Used in an Andrew Wyeth Slideshow

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

A little while ago I received an e-mail from a photographer who works for the Philadelphia Inquirer. His name was Chip Fox and he was asking permission to use one of my tunes for two online slideshows of photographs “visually exploring the two sites where Andrew Wyeth did the majority of his paintings

The project is meant to accompany a retrospective exhibit of Wyeth’s work now happening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Andrew Wyeth is one of  America’s all-time greatest painters. I have always admired his work. I said yes immediately.

The tune he was interested in using was “Franzl’s Saw”. There are two versions of “Franzl’s Saw” available, an electric version from my latest album History of Now, and an acoustic version, performed on a National steel guitar. He wanted to use the acoustic version, from my album Metal.

The results are stupendous.

Chip is a talented photographer who has obviously thought carefully about his music.

Each show runs the length of “Franzl’s Saw” (around six minutes) and includes photos, text, and quotes from Wyeth about his life and work.

Each show is beautifully and tastefully produced, echoing the stark simplicity and desolate realism of Wyeth’s paintings.

Eerie, atmospheric, emotionally moving, they transport you instantly into another world.

I got chills more than once.

Thank you Chip. I am honored.

Multimedia Slideshow

Take twelve minutes to visit the world of Andrew Wyeth. You won’t regret it.

You can e-mail Chip Fox at

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