My Blue Tractor

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I bought a blue toy tractor the other day. Something about it spoke to me from the shop window. I now realize it is my metaphor for this album project…and my creative process.

Tractors are about tilling, seeding, cultivating, harvesting…and hard work. And this tractor is blue…like the blues that are my musical roots.

I’ve made something like sixteen albums of original solo guitar music, yet I always forget just how challenging it is to create new music until I am back in the tractor seat.

There are always ideas. That’s never the problem.

There is always my enjoyment of playing guitar. That’s never a problem either.

The problem, always, is finding something new to say…new to me…something not quite like anything I’ve said before.

When I achieve this, there’s nothing more satisfying. That’s the joy that I get out of making music.

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