Mistakes Can Be Opportunities

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A few weeks ago I went hill-walking on the outskirts of the Scottish town where I live. My goal was to climb to the top of a well-known hill forming part of the coastal headlands that overlook the town.

I had climbed this hill in the past…but this time I was approaching it from a different side.

I headed up a steep dirt road, through a forest, and into hillside sheep and cattle pastures.

Somehow I missed the turn I had been told to take.

Instead I continued up the road until it ended. I knew something wasn’t right…but I was fascinated by what might be at the top of the next slope.

I headed into a field, up a steep slope, into another field, up another steep slope, and eventually found myself at the top of a hill…a higher one, it turned out, than the one I meant to climb…with an even more amazing view of the sea and countryside.

I had made a mistake, but benefited from the result.

When I play my tune “Love In The Old Country” in my concerts, I tell the story of the “mistake” that lead to a new tune.

We all make mistakes. What’s important is to make full use of them.

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