Blogging with My Phone

Monday, 24 May 2010

Technology is just amazing.

I was born in the fifties when there were no mobile phones, personal computers or internet. I am now writing a blog post on an iPhone.

How many things in life become instantly indispensible? My new phone is…and I haven’t even made a call with it yet.

My face is constantly riveted to this little screen…it’s sucking my brain…

I have used computers since the mid-nineties, but was never comfortable with them.

Mobile gadgets, PDA’s etc. (with those styluses!) turned me off even more.

Yet here in my hands is a mobile device that is an absolute blast to use. It’s ” smart” enough to capture the imagination of a technophobe like me.

Maybe the key word is…hands.

There’s something about physically touching the screen and being able to move things around with my fingers (the word-processing features I am discovering while composing this post are really entertaining). It’s so quick and responsive I feel literally connected to it. It creates the illusion that there are no “layers” between my finger and a result.

Is this why I chose to play the guitar instead of the piano? Direct, tactile contact with the source of the sound?

Not to mention that it’s portable, cleverly-designed, and easy to use…that I can record and then globally publish a thought instantly, anywhere…and that it’s ass-kickingly faster than my laptop.

Whatever the reason, this is the first computer I’ve ever enjoyed using. I can’t put it down.

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2 Responses to Blogging with My Phone

  1. Hey Preston,
    CooL NeW BLoG !!
    I agree, it’s amazing to consider a fanbase in Hungary that’s larger than the one 2 blocks from the house !! haha ..
    I’m looking forward to future posts ..

    PS: first reply !! YaY !!

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