More of a good thing

In an earlier post in this blog (“What it means to be sponsored”) I spoke about how a global shipping company called GAC (Gulf Agency Company) had stepped in to support my career in a crucial way: by paying a large chunk of the expenses of my September/October 2011 U.S. tour.

I am delighted to announce that GAC’s sponsorship of my music career will be continuing.

In my September post introducing GAC as a sponsor, I said that it was highly unusual for a company of the size (10,000 employes worldwide) and global presence of GAC to help an independent artist like me.

It all started with an employee of theirs and his vision of where GAC should be going with their sponsorships.

He had seen me play in Glasgow years ago and been a fan ever since.

As an employee he knew about GAC’s sponsorship of golf events, car racing teams, yacht racing teams and football teams — in other words, the typical kinds of high-profile sponsorships large corporations tend to get involved with.

He wanted to see GAC bring its sponsorship into a new arena: the arts.

His brought his idea to the company’s upper management, who received it positively.

They especially liked that each of us was known (in very different spheres) for innovation and new thinking: I with my compositional guitar approach, and GAC with their individually-tailored, solution-oriented customer approach.

The result has been not only a happy and grateful musician, but a company that is showing their employees, their customers and the world that they care about the arts.

For some interesting further reading, check out this article on GAC’s humanitarian team which was put together to coordinate and deliver aid to troubled global regions.

This is a company that can, and does.

I am now an official brand ambassador for GAC, and proud to be on board.

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5 Responses to More of a good thing

  1. Hi Preston – we met / had a beer at Bury about eight weeks ago – I have played your CDs (which you kindly signed) to death…
    My wife and I are now touring Europe – returning to UK in November. I’ll check your gig list to see if we bump into each other over this side šŸ™‚

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