A short post about my Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign

I’ve decided to plunge into the new world of crowd-funding.

If you’re not familiar with crowd-funding, it’s sort of like pre-ordering an album…but with various ‘perks’ available to those who contribute to the crowd-funding campaign.

Why am I doing this?

Being a truly independent musician has always made it financially challenging for me to both release music and get myself out on tour to play live for you all.

With crowd-funding, fans themselves have taken the place of the old music business model of big corporate record labels.

Fans are now directly supporting the artists they care about.

The crowd-funding platform makes it possible for me to reach out directly to my fans and friends everywhere in the world to build support around a particular project – in this case, my new album and a global tour to bring the music to you live.

This is where you come in.

My Indiegogo campaign has just gone live!

I need you to support the campaign either by contributing for a perk or by contributing any amount using the big pink “contribute” button…and by sharing the campaign through your social networks: Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other network you are on, and through email to friends.

As a survivor of the ‘old’ music business, I took a long hard look at the idea of doing this before finally deciding to go for it.

All of my research has shown crowd-funding to be both a rewarding experience for fans and a fantastic source of support for independent artists like me.

I hope you’ll have a look at my campaign, check out the perks, and give it your support:


Thanks so much, and see you out there :^)

Your faithful guitar player.


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3 Responses to A short post about my Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign

  1. Great idea Preston, will certainly share this. Some great perks too. Just have to see what I can afford! 🙂 Really looking forward to the new album too.

  2. Wayne Janssen says:

    Hi Preston, I think this is a really good idea. As a fan, and a friend it makes me feel great to be able to support, and take part in the release of this CD, I just happily made my contribution a few moments ago 🙂 Its awesome that you have extended yourself to your fans with such a cool variety of perks. Very innovative, Wishing you all the best, and greatest success with your campaign. Thanks

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