“Delayed Train” live in Wales

I thought I would share a live concert video from my concert in Aberystwyth, Wales September 2017.

“Delayed Train” started off life as a tune called “Train” on my 1995 album Metal. The tune uses metal fingerpicks percussively to create an aggressive, metallic texture.

Over ten years later – after appreciating the delay-infused playing of U2’s guitarist The Edge – I revisited “Train”, this time playing along with a digital delay effect to amplify and extend the rhythmic groove. I also added a new section in the middle and some other riffs and refinements.

I hope you enjoy it! Please share it! 😊🎶🎸🚂

“Delayed Train” is on my album In Here Out There, available via the music page at prestonreed.com

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One Response to “Delayed Train” live in Wales

  1. Rob Smith says:

    Brilliant tune! The scraping of the fingerpicks against the strings is very interesting texture-wise.

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