Trying something new

 Hi everyone! I have something I want to share with you.

Most of you know my musical journey has been a long one (over forty years and counting). I have now reached a point where I want to “up my game” creatively.

At the moment I’m working on my next solo guitar album. I also have a new, big and seriously exciting project in the works. To make these and other projects happen, I need your support.

I’ve recently been introduced to a platform called Patreon. I like the sound of it – somewhat old-fashioned, harkening back to the days of the De Medici family in Florence during the Age of Enlightenment. Back then, artists and composers sought the support of wealthy patrons in order to continue their work.

I think there are some things to like and admire about that old way of supporting the arts.

Today, thanks to the internet and platforms like Patreon, anyone who wants to can become a patron of the arts.

If you’d like to become one of my patrons and support me in achieving my next creative steps, all the information is in the link below.

Thank you for your support! 😊❤️🎶🎸

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