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Travel stories…may crossover with “music” if a story happened on a tour…and “food” if post contains dining anecdotes…

What it means to be sponsored

My upcoming U.S. tour is being sponsored by a global shipping and logistics company called GAC. How did I find this sponsor? I didn’t. They found me. One of their ten thousand employees saw me play in Glasgow a few … Continue reading

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Surfing your stress

I hate deadlines. They cause stress. Stress is uncomfortable and unpleasant. But I have to admit, stress and deadlines have been a huge part of discovering the most valuable things about myself. Life without them would be unthinkable, not to … Continue reading

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Book that hotel room early

After playing in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England on a Saturday night at the end of May, I drove all night back to my home in Scotland. 470 miles. It was not by choice. My manager had spent much of the … Continue reading

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The social side of touring

2010 was a year of catching up with people. I did a twelve-date tour of the northeast and upper midwest U.S. in September 2010. It was notable for more than just the normal travelling and performing that comes with a … Continue reading

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If you ever break your neck in Brisbane

Friday, 13 March 2009 It was the unthinkable, nightmare scenario you never, ever want to experience as a musician: watching your primary instrument self-destruct before your eyes…and just two hours before the first, sold-out date of your first Australian tour. … Continue reading

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The Wrong Trousers: A Travel Story

Monday, 3 April 2006 I decided it was time to wear those moleskin trousers I’d been avoiding. I had paid a lot for them at a trendy shop several months earlier. Slightly dressier than jeans, but still not “dressy”, they … Continue reading

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