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Moving forward requires making decisions

I am writing a tune at the moment. I have reached a point in the development of this tune where a decision must be made about what the tune is, what it is saying, and where it is going. I … Continue reading

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The groove cloud

While teaching a guitar workshop this past weekend, I was reminded of a key factor in the performance of music: the connection between groove and memory. In order to teach “Tractor Pull”, one of my busier tunes, it was necessary … Continue reading

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Book that hotel room early

After playing in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England on a Saturday night at the end of May, I drove all night back to my home in Scotland. 470 miles. It was not by choice. My manager had spent much of the … Continue reading

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Compositions can evolve technically

While checking the accuracy of a transcription of one of my tunes today, I ran into a familiar problem: I now play the tune slightly differently than I did when I first wrote and recorded it. In order to avoid … Continue reading

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The wedding gig

I just played a wedding gig at a small hotel in Troon, Scotland. The performance was a surprise for the groom, who was an avid guitar player and facebook friend. I rarely play at weddings, but this was an exception … Continue reading

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