The 20th anniversary of my instructional video

The Guitar of Preston Reed

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of my 1994 instructional video, The Guitar of Preston Reed: Expanding the Realm of Acoustic Playing on Homespun Tapes.

(I can’t believe it’s been twenty years!)

In the late 1980’s I had developed a new approach to guitar playing that involved compositions incorporating an integrated percussive groove. My left hand was usually over the top of the neck, and the “left-hand-over-the neck” became the visual symbol of this radical new style of playing.

I made the video because I wanted the world to see and understand my approach and the concepts behind it.

I also wanted to create a friendly and accessible portal for guitarists to learn it.

I tried to show not just the techniques I invented and how I employed them to get the sound I achieved, but the thinking behind it, in the hopes that guitarists in the future might learn to think in new ways about the possibilities of the acoustic guitar, and in a larger sense, about what music really is.

I am delighted that over the past twenty years my instructional video has had, and continues to have, an impact on guitar players all over the world.

Twenty years.


Time definitely flies when you’re having fun :^)

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3 Responses to The 20th anniversary of my instructional video

  1. Mateusz włodarz says:

    It’s time for a new instructional video, I think 🙂

  2. Tribout André jean -robert says:

    je fut très heureux de vous écoutez en Belgique,CHEZ Omega Musique le mardi 1999 011 30 à la démonstration guitare Ovation,un bon souvenir André jean -robert TRIBOUT.

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